1. The Innocent

Innocence is something we are all born with.  It is an innate desire to observe and enjoy the world.  Take, for instance, baby Micah:

This is where life begins — with the greatest expression of The Innocent.  Slowly, our Innocent diminishes as we experience more of life’s difficulties.

Different people experience different things as being innocent.  For some, the Innocent is expressed by enjoying nature, other human beings, and animals.

We need to maintain some of our innocence in life in order to enjoy everyday experiences. Without innocence, life can become dark and depressing. To learn more about exploring your Innocent, you can review sample pages of “Know Thyself:  a Kid’s Guide to the Archetypes.”

The Innocent archetype is captured in children’s television characters like Twilight Sparkle on My Little Pony and Strawberry from Strawberry Shortcake.  Linus from the Charles Schulz cartoon “Peanuts” might also be seen as a strong expression of the Innocent archetype.

Next archetype: The Wounded Child


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