8. The Artist


The Janitor who Paints, by Palmer Hayden, ca 1930.

We all have a force within us that wants to create. Some of us express it by creating food, others by creating artwork, still others by creating parties or communities. All of these creations are different expressions of The Artist.

The Artist is a very important part of our identity.  It helps us learn to use imagination, skill, and control all at once.  Expressing the Artist is also a great way to reduce stress and feel your own healthy energy.

The Artist is portrayed in children’s books in forms such as Schroeder on Peanuts playing piano and Arthur’s friend Buster who takes movies.  For young adults, shows like iCarly depict modern teenagers expressing their Artist through a web-based TV show.

Learn more about expressing your Artist with “Know Thyself:  A Kid’s Guide to the Archetypes.”

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