5. The Explorer


“The Fairy Tale” by Walther Firle (1859-1929)

How many of us love a good story that takes us on an adventure we’ve never been on before? That’s your Explorer expressing itself.

Each time our Explorer tries something new or imagines a different world, our internal database grows, similar to a computer adding new files and downloads.

The Explorer can help you cope with stress or sadness by giving you a place to escape to. Sometimes we all need to escape into a story and express our Explorer.

The Explorer is also expressed when you go to new places and take on new challenges. Young children enjoy Dora the Explorer because she is constantly going on adventures and learning new things. Older children and young adults may enjoy science fiction like Star Trek as it takes us into another time and place, or Dr. Who, as he goes on imaginary explorations.

Know Thyself: A Kid’s Guide to the Archetypes

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